The Economics Alumni Relationship Network (EARN) links declared students in Economics with leading executives and career professionals who received their Bachelors, Masters, or Doctorate from the Department of Economics at the University of Michigan. EARN promotes a culture of mentoring that will:

  • Connect current students with alumni and establish professional and productive mentoring relationships,

  • Enhance student leadership, creative thinking, interpersonal, and networking skills, and

  • Encourage alumni to stay connected to current students in Economics at the University of Michigan.

Program Goals

  1. Develop a network of alumni willing to support and advise current students on career goals.

  2. Facilitate the mutually-beneficial matching of current students with alumni.

  3. Encourage students to seek and engage with mentors in careers of interest.

  4. Provide a forum for the observation, practice, and mastery of professional networking skills.

Diane Swonk, an Economics Leadership Council Member, speaks to a student after an Economics at Work Lecture.