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For Mentors

How To Be a Great Mentor

Forbes Article on leadership and mentoring

Mentor Guide

Our mentor guide to help get you started

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For Mentees

5 Ways To Make The Most Out Of Your Mentorship

This article gives mentees some tips on how to create a mentorship relationship

How to write an introductory email

Assistant Dean Paula Wishart's essay on writing an excellent introductory email

Sample Message To a Potential Mentor

10 Killer Questions To Make The Most Of Your Mentor Meeting

Useful questions to get your conversation started with your mentor

How To Be a Better Mentee

Lessons from a mentee

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Overview of the Program

EARN Mission, Goals and Expectations

Economics Alumni Relationship Network's mission, goals and expectations

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Preparing For the First Meeting

Preparing For Your First Meeting

Setting the tone of your first mentoring meeting