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The Basics

Who is eligible for the program?

At this time, current undergraduates, alumni, and University of Michigan Economics faculty are eligible to participate in EARN.

In my account I see a button for "Move to Past Connections." What does that mean?

The “Move to Past Connections” button will move that relationship from an active connection to an inactive one. If you’ve pressed this by mistake, please email econ-earn@umich.edu for assistance re-establishing your connection.

How do students connect with mentors?

When students indicate their preferences (industry, location, major, etc.), the software’s matching engine presents students with a list of mentors who match the students’ criteria. Students can then request to contact a potential mentor.

How are mentors and mentees matched?

Once the mentee complete their profile, the program generates a list of suggested mentor matches based on what the mentee is looking for in a mentor and mentoring relationship. Students request the person as their mentor and then the mentor will either accept or decline the request.

Why is the career fields list so broad?

We have deliberately limited the career field categories because too many choices can hamper the matching process. For instance, if the career fields were more extensive, then fewer advisors on average will match the criterion and show up on the "results" list of students. Please select the career field that is the closest match. There is also a Specific Career Field. In addition, you can always specify your occupation more clearly in your profile.

What if I forgot my username and password?

Select "forgot password" by the login button on the homepage. You will receive an email allowing you to reset your password.

What is the time commitment involved for being a mentor or mentee?

The mentor-mentee relationship is designed with flexibility in mind. You and your mentor/mentee have control over the duration of your relationship and can decide on your own how often you would like to be in contact. Once matched, we suggest that you discuss each other's expectations regarding the duration of your relationship. Our minimum requirement for interactions is that you pre-schedule at least 2 meetings together over the course of the semester. During your first meeting you should also discuss each other's goals; this will help you determine how long your relationship will last in order to complete them. Ultimately, mentees and mentors are encouraged to implement a schedule and commitment that works best for the two of you.

Where should our mentoring meetings take place?

Meeting can take place in person, on the phone, or via video conference. If in person, we suggest that they take place in a public location, such as the mentor's office or a coffee shop.

What if there is a problem with my mentoring relationship?

If you experience any issues with your mentor/mentee or have questions, please reach out to the program manager at earn-econ@umich.edu. The program manager can help offer solutions to improve the relationship or in some cases formally terminate the relationship.

My mentoring relationship has ended. How do I close the relationship in my profile?

When your mentorship relationship has reached its designated end point, based on the duration you and your mentor/mentee agreed upon at the onset of you relationship, or when you feel that your mentorship relationship has come to its natural conclusion, you can close out your relationship by visiting the “connections” tab in your profile. Navigate to your mentor/mentee’s icon and click on the button to “View Conversation”. You will see a button that says “Move to Past Connections”. Clicking that button will move that relationship from an active connection to an inactive one. We encourage you to discuss this action with your mentor/mentee before doing it to make sure that you are both comfortable ending the mentorship relationship.

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Why was my mentor request denied?

There are a variety of reasons why your requested alumnus might have declined you, most of which have nothing to do with you personally. It may be an especially busy time for them or they simply do not think it would be a good fit. Do not get discouraged. Log back into the platform and search for and request another mentor. The University of Michigan Network is large – you will find the right fit for you!

Are there any limits to the numbers of mentors I can have at one time?

You may have one mentor at a time.